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A major value in child upbringing

A family does not give us only a mutual tie of kinship between man and wife; it provides a multi-sided relation between the married couple and their sons and daughters. We have in Islamic jurisprudence a wealth of principles that can easily yield a code of education which incorporates what students of Islamic studies learn under the heading, ‘children’s rights …

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NY Girls’ Sleepaway Camp Empowers Young Muslims

BROOKLYN, NY – The doors of the bus opened, and a stream of young Muslim women poured onto the sidewalk of Masjid at-Taqwa. The next hour was filled with hugs and tears as the girls of Camp ISMAH (Integrity, Sisterhood, Motivation, Awareness and Humility), a sleep-away camp, said their goodbyes to each other and greeted their parents. They spent a …

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Tips to Instill the Prophet’s Love into Our Kids

We all love our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Simple because he brought us Divine guidance and helped us a lot find our way to Truth. He is called the light, as Almighty Allah says: “Now hath come unto you light from Allah and a plain Scripture” (Al-Ma’idah: 15) It is thus natural to instill into our kids …

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Living with a Void: Finding the Essence of Islam

As a born Muslim, I find that I took Islam for granted. When we are little children, our faith is stronger because we are in tune with our fitrah (pure nature). But as we grow older, we also begin to question, and if there is no one there to answer our questions adequately, it is likely we will go astray. …

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US Muslims Praise Basketball Hijab Rule .

Offering a new hope for scores of veiled Muslim players, the world’s basketball body has amended its rules to allow Islamic headscarf or hijab during official competitions on a trial basis, a decision welcomed by US Muslims. “We welcome this policy change by International Basketball Federation (FIBA),” the National Communications Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Ibrahim Hooper said …

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The Art of Youth Empowerment

Imagine a young man coming to the Imam of your neighboring mosque with this strange request: “Can I get a fatwa that permits me to commit Zina (fornication/adultery)?” What kind of response he will receive? I think that shocked and angry reproach is the most likely reaction of the attendees and the Imam; you would hear yells like, “Shame on …

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