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The Art of Youth Empowerment

Imagine a young man coming to the Imam of your neighboring mosque with this strange request: “Can I get a fatwa that permits me to commit Zina (fornication/adultery)?” What kind of response he will receive? I think that shocked and angry reproach is the most likely reaction of the attendees and the Imam; you would hear yells like, “Shame on …

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Inaya’s Struggle

  Inaya is sixteen years old. She’s memorized Qur’an and is an inspiration to youth and adults alike. She’s inspired other girls to wear hijab and respect the rules of Islam. She even teaches Qur’an to children on the weekend. But there’s only one problem. When her mother isn’t looking, she removes her hijab after leaving for school, and she …

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When our children lie

In his exegesis of Surat Al-Infitar, Sheikh Fadhlalla Haeri says, “Everything that slightly oversteps its boundaries will convert to its opposite.” Take lying as an example. If a lie becomes so common that it is perpetuated to the point of total deviation, then that lie has transgressed its boundary and is now accepted as truth.  Children can sometimes embarrass us …

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