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The Proper Way To Make Du’aa’ During Prayer

The proper way to make du’aa’ during prayer, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did it. Is it after the prayer or between the two prostrations or whilst standing or when?. Firstly: Note that there is not one particular part of the prayer when du’aa’ should be offered, rather there are several parts of the …

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Too busy to Pray Five Times?

Before I genuinely began to cultivate and nurture my relationship with God, I regarded the five daily prayers that Islam enjoins on believers as laborious. It seemed impractical to expect that I would be able to stop what I was doing during my busy work schedule to take time out and pray. Working as a news wire journalist, I was …

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Tawbah in a Taxi Trip

I used to work as a taxi driver in the period between 2004 and 2008 as a temporary work until I could find another job. One day, while driving in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, and listening to the voice of Sheikh Mishari Ar-Rashid reciting some verses of Surat Al-Hadid (Qur’an, Chapter 57) a man in his 60s stopped me …

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The Time Is Not Right .

In everyday life, people make time for any number of things. Even if they have to make other sacrifices, they will always manage to set aside time, especially when their own benefit is at stake. Moreover, if their circumstances prevent them from carrying out an advantageous task, they are quick to think about the situation and find ways of removing …

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