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Qatar women’s basketball team forfeits Mongolia match in hijab dispute

Female Qatari players on the national basketball team walked away from a match against Mongolia today during the 2014 Asian Games after being ordered to take off their headscarves. The Qatar Basketball Federation tweeted this afternoon that players wearing hijab were told that it was against International Basketball Federation (FIBA) regulations to wear the headscarf while playing the game. The …

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Taking Off Your Hijab!

Powerful reminder

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Respect Me, Don’t Objectify Me

When I started wearing hijab about 10 years ago (more or less), I did it out of sense of duty to Allah. I believed – and still do – that Allah commands us to dress modestly and appear a certain way in public or in front of non-mahram (non-familial) males. Since I was new to Islam, I wasn’t completely aware …

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Muslim women who wear the hijab may have a better body image than those who don’t

The hijab, or headscarf, is often portrayed in the West as a symbol of victimization—and by many Muslims as a badge of religious and cultural identity. In Europe, anti-hijab sentiment has reached fever pitch in recent years. In China, the government went so far as to offer reward money for turning in women wearing headscarves. In the Canadian province of Quebec, …

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US Muslims Praise Basketball Hijab Rule .

Offering a new hope for scores of veiled Muslim players, the world’s basketball body has amended its rules to allow Islamic headscarf or hijab during official competitions on a trial basis, a decision welcomed by US Muslims. “We welcome this policy change by International Basketball Federation (FIBA),” the National Communications Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Ibrahim Hooper said …

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Hijab is not for only one gender

The usage of the word Hijab nowadays tends to immediately conjure up imagery on Islamic clothing obligations for women, the jilbab, niqab, abaya, headscarf etc. and the uphill battle many Muslim women face in embellishing themselves Islamically. What, I feel, seems to be far less considered in the public discourse today is the male factor: How males should conduct themselves …

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