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Repentance after Sinning

Allah says: “And those who, when they commit an indecency or do injustice to their souls, remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins – and who forgives sins but Allah – and (who) do not knowingly persist in what they have done. For such the reward is forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath – an …

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Outstanding Forgiveness of the Prophet

Another great quality of Muhammad saws was that he never took revenge on anyone for personal reasons and always forgave even his firm enemies. His wife `A’ishahreported that Allah’s Messenger was not unseemly or obscene in his speech, nor was he loud-voiced in the streets, nor did he return evil for evil, but he would forgive and pardon. The people of …

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The Struggle for Forgiveness

What do you think of when you see a Muslim doing something considered wrong? Ever look down on them? Think you are better than them? It’s really easy to be self-righteous. It’s even easier to fall prey to this attitude if you sport the outer ‘righteous’ look. But let’s ask ourselves this question: has Allah written us amongst His righteous …

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