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Tips and Steps to Increase Taqwa

Taqwa(piety) is something that can be achieved, not by sleeping in bed, but by meticulous efforts and sincere and ceaseless work to gain Paradise. The Qur’an teaches us to be pious and righteous. Elaborating more on this, we’d like to make it clear that “Taqwa (piety) is derived from wiqaya, which means self-defense and avoidance. Sufis define it as protecting …

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iFast Mobile App : Ramadan App

With the blessing of the holy month of Ramadan, some friends have again expressed anxiety over the length of the daily fasts. The summer months with the longer and hotter daytimes are of course much more difficult to fast than the winter months, particularly here in the United Kingdom. We want to follow our religious duties, but also maintain good …

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Yasir Qadhi: Ramadan is Over… Now What?

In the final moments of Ramadan and as we bid farewell to the beautiful blessed month, it is time to reflect and take lessons for life after Ramadan. Perhaps, one of the greatest wisdoms behind Ramadan and all of its dedication and worship is that it reintroduces Islam to us; it makes us experience the sweet taste of Iman. Ramadan …

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