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I am a Christian who is very interested in Islam. Although it is said that Islam denies the Incarnation of God in Jesus, there are many modern theologians—Tillich, Rahner, Kung—whose understanding of the Incarnation would seem, at face value, to be compatible with the Muslim understanding of Jesus. Muslims always seem to talk about fundamentalist Christian ideas, but I’ve never seen a Muslim addressing more “liberal” theologians. Would modern formulations of the Incarnation, such as those proposed by Marcus Borg or Bishop John Spong, be compatible with Islam?

Is not the Qur’an itself an “incarnation of the Word”? And when the Qur’an calls Jesus a “word” and “spirit” of God, isn’t that suggesting that Jesus is of the same divine essence of God, in that God’s Word and Spirit must partake of God’s divinity?

And, remember, there is no place in the Qur’an which calls Jesus merely human—he is given titles which place him above other prophets, not the least of which is his virgin birth—he comes directly from God. I’m not sure that I would need to change any of my current beliefs to become a Muslim. Indeed, I believe I am surrendered to God already, and that my ideas of Incarnation are in no way shirk, but are compatible with both the Qur’an and the Gospel. So, I want to ask what you think.

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