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I am a Christian woman engaged to a Muslim man. We have discussed the fact that we both have a different religion and I have agreed that if God gives us children, they would be Muslims. I am very interested in learning as much as I can about the Qur’an because I believe that children should have the opportunity to receive answers to their questions even from a non-Muslim, provided that they get the correct explanation. Our relationship is based upon respect of each other’s religious practices.

My question is as follows: I know that a Muslim man can marry non-Muslim woman. What I don’t know is does the Qur’an forbid that the ceremony takes place in a church or a celebration is conducted by a priest. I suppose if such a marriage is allowed, the religious ceremony can take place in a church. If not, the Christian’s marriage is not valid, and the person is not considered married and commits the sin of fornication. A civil marriage is supposed to be followed by the religious ceremony; otherwise the Catholic church does not consider the union as valid.

We both practice our religion and respect one another’s beliefs, and feel very concerned about the matter. Indeed, if a Muslim is not allowed to celebrate his union in a church, then we must end this relationship, since committing the sin of fornication (getting married without God’s blessing in a church) is not acceptable for me. I agree to have my marriage blessed by an imam, but my fiancé and I do not know if he is allowed to do the same in a church, in order for me to have my marriage blessed.

I will finish by adding that I asked a priest if such a marriage could be celebrated and he said yes, telling me the church does not reject anyone. My fiancé says that of course it is possible for us to receive blessing from an imam since a Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian. I suppose for him it is an obligation, just like for me at church

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