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Visiting Makkah After Conversion


I am a new believer and student of Islam. Although the thought of my journey to Makkah is very premature, because I still have so much to learn, I am curious to know if one must be Muslim for a certain amount of time before making the journey. Also, how does one, especially someone who was not born into the faith, prove they are Muslim so that they are allowed to make the journey? Thank you for your time and consideration. Warmest Regards.

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I really want to congratulate you on coming to Islam, which is a real honor. Actually Islam is the message that copes with the very nature of mankind.

Your question is really interesting since it touches on a very important issue that is Hajj (pilgrimage).

From the Islamic point of view, the things that are required to make the person able to go to Hajj is the physical ability, in addition to the financial ability to afford the expenses of the journey. This financial ability means that the money should be outside of his/her daily needs. In addition to the physical and the financial ability, one should be a Muslim of course. You don’t need to be a Muslim for a specific period of time in order to go for the trip. Since you are a Muslim you can go any time.

You do not need to wait for a certain time before you go to the journey; rather, you can go as soon as you can, and feel the greatness of the place and how it might make changes in your life. Many new Muslims have gone to that journey and got that feeling.

I am sure you have got a new life after embracing Islam, a life which you can really feel to be significant and with aim. Also, when you go to Hajj, it will be a turning point in your life as it has been in the lives of so many Muslims who went for the journey. The feeling is really incredible and can be felt only by those who go for the journey.

The significance of the journey comes clear when we understand that when a person does it with sincerity and dedication he comes back as sin free as the day his mother gave him birth. Also, when you embraced Islam, it washed off all your previous sins and made you sin free when you stood at the threshold of your new life of Islam. After Hajj, you stand sin free and have a turning point that makes you a new person.

Here, you are advised to read some experiences of new Muslims who went to the journey, along with a complete guide of Hajj and its rulings through the links provided at the bottom of this answer.

As for proving that you are a Muslim, this differs from a place to the other and from a country to the other. In some countries you have your religion recorded in your passport. But, I think this is not the case in your country. So maybe you can simply get a letter from the mosque where you declared your Islam. This will not be an obstacle in sha’ Allah.

Thank you again for your question and please keep in touch.


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