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I was very pleased to find this website, as it answers many questions that non-Muslims may have about various points. After reading a lot, it becomes apparent to me that Islam or the current interpretation of Islam leaves almost every question open ended without a conclusion. It also appears that almost any murderous crime by Muslims may be justified by some act against them. While the Muslim community continues to moan about their religion being looked upon in a negative light, it should not be surprising why this is happening, considering the atrocious crimes currently being perpetrated by Muslims around the world. In fact, what appears to be a very splintered religion, to the non-Muslim, it would appear that the Qur’an and all teachings of Islam are more or less up to many interpretations, hence permitting the cancerous growth of terrorist organizations. I would really appreciate receiving some comments that will help me and other non-Muslims understand the minds of a religion that complains on one hand of being misunderstood and even attacked, while refusing to condemn the actual aggressors of these crimes openly. Thank you for listening and I look forward to your reply.

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Salaam (Peace) Dear Jonathan,
Thank you very much for your question.

In fact, this is what all Muslims say to each other every time we greet one another! Said from the heart, it relieves the worries of the day. What many do not realize is that we are only humans and that, as great as Islam is in it’s objective knowledge, as humans, we do our best.

If you look at your questions, you will see that you start from a point of assumption. Therefore, any answer will appear ambiguous! Open your mind just a little and look at Muslim societies on a day to day basis and you will only see the modern day problems, affecting ordinary people who struggle to survive.

We face also the same stress and challenges of modern urbanization .A recent UN report gave some shocking report on the alarming increase in mental health illness and behavioral problems, amongst children in Europe and the States. And, our kids are heading towards the same direction. Yet, they face more than that… as our towns and cities have been bombed and plundered for the resources since the WWII.

Naturally, there would be a knock on affect under conditions of long-term forced starvation, ethnic cleansing, homelessness and statelessness in some cases with whole families destroyed. In fact it is quite remarkable that Muslims have remained so patient for so long.

The problem is you are seeing one side of the picture. As much as we condemn violence and violation of civil human rights on this very web site – in many fatwas and views articles – the fact is that injustice will evoke struggle and backlash. Our words will not convince those who lose their beloved ones in wars, massacres or military actions against civilians. They are not awaiting fatwas to tell them how to defend themselves or fight back.

Amazingly, we find such questions more frequent than the ones wondering about why the global civil society does not act more actively, to defend the helpless and those who suffer, or urge the political decision makers to more humane in their policies, strategies and allocation of force. The Western public’s ability to see our view on violence and to read about Islam’s position on violence is determined by what resources they have access to. This is because, as Muslims we are not given equal access to international media platforms and the public announcements of our religious leaders vanish in the maze of pictures and news that reflect one side. Of the story, yet… ‘seeing is believing’.

Despite the slaughtering and incarceration of Muslims around the world, as we dare to ask for our human rights, we do not hate anyone. We might get angry, but as humans we are entitled to.

Islam is a religion of reason and self-knowledge. Beauty, as a part of the environment is to be reflected in our day-to-day social relations. Hence, the great difficulty is in understanding a culture that is based on violence, such as that of the West. Beauty is considered the inward expression of goodness. In Arabic moral goodness, virtue and beauty are all part of the same concept of husn. This is not distant from jihad, as some kind of strive for justice and self-control.

I was surprised your questions implied hate is a Muslim product! Hate is a human emotion that knows no boundaries. As such, hate crimes are prevalent in the West as well. Many anti-globalists and many Muslims think the current ‘war-on-terrorism’ breeds hate and achieves nothing constructive for the global community.

As for hate crimes, within the FBI statistics for Hate Crime events in 2001, totaled 8,063 with actual offences at 9,430. Then, we have other crimes. In an environment, where other people’s possessions hold an importance, the rate for Property Crime was 10,412,395 in 2001, and where women have a long way to go to obtain self-respect the crime rate for Forced Rape was 90,491 in 2001. In 1982 it was 78,770. This far from reflects an improvement.

So, the problem is not Muslims… the problem is far too complex and is right there in the modern societies, as much as societies undergoing a process of modernization. Muslims would not be exempted from blame for what they do wrong… but one has to put any phenomena into context, to be fair.

There are many non-Muslims who are aware of this and try to address these issues through initiating debates and conversations within their communities, but they have also become subject to the same laws of censorship as Muslims and Arabs. The position to publicly stand up and condone the violent crimes was often taken. This was done loud enough for those who wanted to hear, but not loud enough for those who only listen to themselves.

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