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Are We Abolishing Qurbani..?

Our new way of Qurbani…..!!!
We choose an organization, sometimes looking for the cheapest shares, then we go on the internet, press a few buttons or with the click of a mouse or touchscreen, funds are transferred & Qurbani is done… Whew !!!
You breathe a sigh of relief & feel like a burden has been lifted off you…

Then there are some of us who go directly to the farm, not only because it is cheaper but everything is taken care off, from the slaughtering to the slicing & distributing. Its so simple, yet I have a huge yard, but I can’t handle all the blood & the mess, so the farm suits me perfectly…

Where have the days gone when we did our own Qurbani?… When families gathered to witness & perform this virtuous act..?

Yes, it was hard work & a lot of cleaning up afterwards, but the real essence of Qurbani was felt & kept alive… It was a joyous, barakah-filled occasion for all especially the children who still remember every detail for years to come…!!!
But sadly in a few years, Muslims won’t know what Qurbani is anymore.

Some of our children haven’t even witnessed a sheep/goat getting slaughtered & when they become adults the sunnah of Nabi ﷺ & Ibrahim alayhis salaam will just be a faraway myth, found only between the pages of Islamic history…
To them Eid ul Adha will signify transferring funds to some relief agency & things will be taken care of.

The whole idea of experiencing the act, to witness & to feel what Nabi ﷺ & Ibrahim alayhis salaam had to face, will all be lost but the greater loss will surely be all the huge rewards that we will be throwing away !!!

Please do your part in keeping the Qurbani spirit alive for the future generations to come.

Ibrahim alayhis salaam was prepared to sacrifice his beloved son. Surely we can sacrifice our homes & comfort for just one day !!!

Yes, definitely donate & give your Qurbani away to the less privileged but do this only AFTER you have made your own Qurbani at home…

If you have family & friends that live iη flats & don’t have the place, open your hєart & homes & invite them to make their Qurbani at your place…

In a time, when there is so much disunity & enmity this is a great way of fostering brotherhood & gaining extra rewards for doing so.

It is mentioned in a Hadith that Nabi ﷺ said (to the effect);“On no other days are good actions more beloved to Allah Ta’ala than on these days (i.e. the first ten days of Zul-Hijjah) …“(Bukhari)

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