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Do You Know That US Liberty Statue Represented a Muslim Woman?

With the current debate in the US about refugees from the Muslim world, it would be interesting to highlight some little-known facts about Lady Liberty. It might be shocking to many to know that the statue itself was originally intended to represent a female Egyptian peasant as a Colossus of Rhodes for the Industrial Age. People are more familiar with the …

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Imam Siraj: Happiness Takes Work

In this inspiring lecture, Imam Siraj Wahhaj speaks about the goal that each and every one yarns for; happiness. Sharing reflections on different -stories and real life stories, from the past and present and offers his prescription to achieve happiness. In this Video: -When the Prophet’s child died -Marrying a pretty girl is the answer? -Story of a famous singer …

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Deduct My Debt from My Zakah

The debt that is on you is deductible from the total Zakatable properties (including cash) if it is going to be paid out of them. But if it is going to be paid out of future income, it is not deductible. Example: you have cash 10,000 on which the hawl has passed and Zakah is now to be calculated. You also have …

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Entertaining Ourselves to Death

How your daily entertainment can affect your spirituality More often than not, you will find yourself mindlessly surfing through channels to fill up the free slots in your routine; or maybe to fill up the emptiness inside. For some, the best way to unwind is with a favourite show and a jar of cookies. And so it begins—the cycle of …

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Let’s monitor our hearts

Abu Bakr wasn’t poor like Abu Dharr or Abu Hurayrah, but he was better than them. He wasn’t perpetually tortured like Khabab and Bilal, or Sumayyah and Yasir, but he was better than them. He wasn’t severely injured in battle like Talha or Abu Ubaydah or Khalid, but he was better than them. He wasn’t martyred like Hamza or Umar …

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The Prostration is an Independent act of Worship-

No scholar or disciple of Fiqh can deny Imam Ash-Shawkani’s rank and status among the greatest distinguished Islamic Jurists. He reached a level of Ijtihad that few people have attained. Imam Ash-Shawkani has left behind a hoard of treasure in the science of Fiqh,Usul,Aqeedah, Minhaj and Hadith.   After looking at his study titled, ”بحث في أن السجود بمجرد من …

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Merits of Friday

Allah (swt) says: “O you who have believed, when (the Adhan) is called for the Salah on the day of Al-Jumuah (Friday), then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave trade. That is better for you, if only you knew. And when the Salah has been concluded, disperse within the land and seek from the bounty of Allah, and …

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I Want to Commit Zina

Mufti Menk gives some very strong advice about fornication.

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How Can We Lower Our Gaze in Summer?

With the summer hot days upon us, a Muslim finds himself in a dilemma; he has to struggle against himself to be far from the rampant nakedness around him. How can I save myself in these summer days? What shall I do so as to lower my gaze and keep my faith? It goes without saying that every Muslim should …

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When education is not compassionate

Compassion is a main feature of the Prophet’s method of education, yet it is often overlooked by educators. Indeed it is rarely mentioned in the books included in the curricula of institutes and colleges of education. Yet compassion was a main characteristic of the Prophet, easily noticed in his manners by all who knew him. Malik ibn Al-Huwairith reports: “We, …

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