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Valid Reasons for Divorce in Islam

Marriage is indeed a sacred bond that brings together a man and a woman by virtue of the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Thus, each partner in this sacred relationship must treat the other beautifully and properly. A man must not divorce his wife to bring harm upon her, as this constitutes an act that demolishes this noble …

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Protecting the Muslim Marriage

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Protecting the Muslim MarriageIn the first article in this new series, we discussed the importance of the topic of marriage and divorce that so many of us belittle or neglect until we run into problems. We were reminded that any remedy for the conscious attempt by shaytan and his allies …

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Respect each other in Divorce

All over the globe, the divorce rate among couples of all religious beliefs, creeds, social classes, racial and ethnic groups is increasing daily. Not long ago the word “divorce” was only in the dictionary or off- limits in many families and cultures. Couples even prolonged their suffering marriages and lived together to avoid divorce and “embarrassment” to the family. This …

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Talaq (Divorce) out of Anger

All praise be to Allah and may blessings and salutation be upon His Messenger, Muhammad, his family, and Companions. The question that has been asked is extremely common, and constantly raised by both Muslim men and women. Essentially, the question relates to the utterance of divorce in anger, and the differences that arise between spouses as to their interpretations of …

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Married Muslim women want protection

Cape Town, South Africa – Muslim women, married under Muslim rites, should be protected by the laws of South Africa as failure to do so violates their human rights. This is what the Women’s Legal Centre will argue in the Western Cape High Court on December 1 when it takes on the Presidency, the departments of Home Affairs, Justice and Correctional …

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Smartphones take a toll on relationships

A smartphone is a modern day distraction as it is taken everywhere, demanding attention multiple times a day. Whether it’s a phone call, a snapchat story, a Facebook and Instagram notification or someone retweeting your tweets. A Saudi husband shared his story how conversations between him and his wife were replaced with endless scrolling through social media apps or constant …

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Woman’s right to Khula

ISLAMIC Shariah provides for Nikah in order to keep the society morally healthy, bring to an end all that is evil and obscene, and let husband and wife live in peace and harmony. If a couple fails to reap these benefits from a Nikah-based wedlock, viz. the matrimonial relations do not remain pleasant and harmonious and in case that situation …

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Infidelity: An Introspective Look at Marital Deception

The Web We Weave When We Choose to Deceive Adultery is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, divisive and wretched of human behaviors.  In Islam it is the ultimate form of betrayal and is so condemned that God says in the Qur’an, “And do not approach adultery, for verily it is a great sin and an evil …

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Un/Happily Ever After?

There is no denying the fact that our community faces a crisis with the alarming rate of divorces. Marriages are ended for trivial reasons with Talaaqs issued in outbursts of anger. The fact that Talaaq is the most hated of permitted acts in the sight of Allah ought to give us pause. The fact that the enormity of Talaaq is …

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US Muslim Marriages, Divorces

DALLAS – In the diverse American Muslim community, marriage and divorce could pose a real challenge to people wishing to keep their unions intact, owing in part to where they live and if they are part of a cross-cultural marriage, something more common in Western Muslim partnerships. Fatimazahra Assal is a Moroccan-American living in California. She said when trouble arose …

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