In 1981, the daughter of the Late King Khalid ibn Abdul-Azizz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia made a generous grant of $1,000.000 US to Shaw University for the building of an Islamic and International Studies Center, including a Mosque, Library, Rooms for Lectures, Offices, Etc.

This project was the “brain-child and vision of the Late Dr. Urabi Mustafa of Shaw University, the Director of the International Studies Program. Construction of the building began in 1982 and the opening day and first Jumuah Prayer was held on Friday August 19, 1983.

Since 1983 this Masjid and Facilities have been used by Muslim students from abroad studying at Shaw University and the Local Muslim Community. The Indigenous Muslims to this area, primarily African-American, have served as care-takers of the Masjid (Mosque) and its general maintenance, under the direction of Dr. Mustafa.

Dr. Mustafa retired in 1996, and Dr. Ihsan Bagby takes over as Division Chair of the International/Islamic studies Program for Shaw University. The Believers here at Shaw University Mosque formed a Majlis-As-Shura (Board of Directors); developed a Constitution based on the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); and elected Dr. Bagby as Imam and Nu’man Mustafa as the Amir (President). On October 6, 1996 Jamaa’ah at-Taqwa is born.

The Jamaa’ah has experienced tremendous growth in membership and support since 1996, including the addition of the Amr Bin Yassr week-end School for Muslim Youth; developing a Dawah Outreach Program which has grown into a monthly feeding program of homeless men and women at the Wake county Over-Flow Shelter on Wilmington Street here in Raleigh.

Jamaa’ah At-Taqwa published the 1st Raleigh monthly Muslim Community Newsletter known as Ar-Risalah, with over 200 subscriptions. Jamaa’ah At-Taqwa developed a close relationship with Imam Jamil Al-Amin and hosted many of his visits and lectures to the Raleigh-Durham Area during the 1990’s. Jamaa’ah At-Taqwa at the Shaw University Masjid was one of the early communities to get involved with Raleigh Civic Issues, and was the pre-911 voice to the outer community on issues related to Islam.

Dr. Bagby and Brother Nu’man Mustafa served as the resident Imam and Amir of Jamaa’ah at-Taqwa until August, 2002. In 2002, our dear brother, Dr. Urabi Mustafa passed away from this life (Inal-lillahi alayhi rajioon). Dr. Bagby relocated to the University of Kentucky in late 2002. Following these events, Dr. Ihasan Bagby and Brother Nu’man Mustafa were succeeded by Dr. Abdullah Oskar as resident Imam and Brother Eddie Sanders as the Amir.

This period in the history of Jamaa’ah at-Taqwa proved to be a turbulent one. The Muslim believers and non-Muslim supporters from around the country helped to rally in support of the effort to keep the Shaw University Masjid open in the wake of attempts by the Talbert O. Shaw administration’s efforts to close the Masjid doors forever. All praise be to God, a mutually acceptable agreement for the continued use and operation of the Shaw University Mosque was reached with the Talbert O. Shaw administration in early 2004, prior to President Talbert O. Shaw’s retirement.

In the Spring of 2004, Jamaa’ah at-Taqwa held an election for new officers of its Advisory Board of Directors (Shura) and Brother Juma Mussa was elected as Imam and Brother Khaleel A. Faheemud-Deen was elected as Amir.

The Masjid at Shaw University has been established for the worship of Allah (God) and it has witnessed many hundreds of Shahadahs (Conversions) over the years, praise be to God. It has witnessed marriages, wedding receptions, new-born naming parties, the breaking of our fasts during Ramadhan, night prayers during Ramadhan, lectures, and numerous classes, and seminars etc.

The goal of the current Jamaa’ah at-Taqwa administration is to develop the Shaw University Mosque into a Resource Center for Muslims and non-Muslims who are seeking information and services related to the Islamic Faith. To accomplish this goal, Jamaa’ah at-Taqwa will open a physical office and resource center within the space of our former storage room area at the Mosque. This office will serve as a “brain-center” for the Masjid operations, resources and information distribution. This office will invite and give information to others and ourselves about Islam and Islamic related issues. We are located on the 2nd Floor of the International Studies Center on the Shaw University campus in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jumuah Prayer is at 12:30 pm every Friday.

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